dom., 13 jun. | Private Luxury Residence w/Outdoor Forest

NU-EMO Luxe Photoshoot (THICKK MAGAZINE Issue #3)

Full Beauty Team, Champagne and Luxe Bites will be served...only 10 model spots open! so RSVP!

Horario y ubicación

13 jun. 11:00 – 22:00 GMT-5
Private Luxury Residence w/Outdoor Forest

Acerca del evento

We are launching ISSUE #3 of THICKK MAGAZINE!! and seeking brands to feature in our pages!

Our first project is set for Saturday, June 14th at a gorgeous private residence with a huge nature access is live!

  • Full Beauty Team, Champagne and Luxe Bites will be served...only 10 model spots open! so RSVP!
  • We will only have 7-10 model tickets for this shoot, and spots for 3 photographers only! Do NOT miss our only Chicago shoot for THICKK MAGAZINE for 2021...sent to 10k emails in the industry. In only 2.5 months Issue #2 launch, we have had more than 10k views!
  • Get social proof and beautiful photos from each photographers we curate for this experience. All tickets include your MUA/Styling.
  • Our prices reflect our efforts and expenses to do such a wonderful fully catered luxe shoot and production that is part networking and part creative production! Ask us about group specials!
  • We ONLY have 3 spots for photographers and 7-10 for models MAX. Make sure to book early!
  • The location will be in the SUBURBS of Illinois on a LUXE Private Residence & Estate and this is an ALL DAY SHOOT!
  • Wardrobe will be a mix of EMO/Rocker with Tulle Skirts! Go glam in a Bad ass way!
  • This will be our 18th Chicago production in 3 years! We have done everything from luxe charity galas to art pop ups...VIP club nights and more!
  • There will ONLY BE 1 CHICAGO SHOOT in 2021! Our second shoot will be in Los Angeles...and Issue #3 will be promoted heavily in L.A. in 2022!
  • BONUS: Second Look...BIkinis!! Poolside and in our Jacuzzi! 

Check our page at to catch all of our 5 star reviews...or review our current Issue of THICKK MAGAZINE here! We are the REAL DEAL and will produce you a LIFE-CHANGING, unforgettable shoot!

Let's have a glamorous edgy shoot!

- Xa'vonni, Founder Innova X Arts

  • VIP Model Ticket
  • Photographer Ticket
  • Guest Ticket

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